Cheyenne Harmon was involved in a crash during the first practice session of Round 4 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at the Red Bull High Point National on June 17, 2017. "First practice Saturday morning was really muddy. You just had to lean back and stay on the gas to keep any sort of traction," stated Harmon. "I was on a hot lap when the crash happened, I was coming down one of the big hills and was moving at a pretty good pace when I hit a really soft spot and me and the bike went flipping down the hill." Cheyenne took a hard hit but says he's "thankful my Arai Americas helmet keeping me safe as it soaked up the impact from my head". 

Harmon was cleared by the Alpine Stars Mobile Medical Team to return to racing after it was determined that he did not sustain a concussion nor any severe injuries as the result of his crash. However, it was determined that Harmon likely had suffered a broken rib on his left side and possible fracture in his left wrist. Despite the pain, Cheyenne opted to return for the second practice session in an effort to qualify for his third Pro Motocross National in a row. In the middle of the 450 Consolation Race, Harmon pulled off and ended his day early when the pain proved to be too substantial to continue racing at his highest ability.

It was decided that Cheyenne would ultimately sit out for Round 5 at Muddy Creek in er to give him time to heal. Unfortunately, after further evaluation and X-rays, Harmon has been diagnosed with a broken rib and a fractured scaphoid in his left hand. This diagnosis will leave Harmon in a cast for three weeks and will be re-evaluated by his doctor around July 10th. Cheyenne stated, "not sure how long I will be out for, but look forward to helping out in anyway I can with the team and remaining involved while I heal up at home here in Texas."

No return date has been determined at this time, but we wish Cheyenne a speedy recovery and hope to have him back at the races as soon as we can.

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