KENNESAW, GA, July 11th, 2017 / We began the second half of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Southwick, Massachusetts. “The Wick” as it’s called, provides one of the most unique races on the circuit, as it is the only true sand track in the series. Rather than being comprised of a sand section or two, the entire track from start to finish is made up of sand. Sand is one of those elements in motocross that riders either love, or love to hate. Because of the uniqueness of the riding conditions, racing at Southwick typically leaves the door wide open for some surprise performances or breakout rides from riders who are finally in their element.

Round 7 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship boasted 88 entries in the 450 class. With only 36 riders directly earning a gate pick in the afternoon motos, it was more important than ever to put in a solid qualifying time during timed practice. On a more traditional racing surface, we often see the fastest times coming out of the second practice session, after riders have had a chance to dissect and analyze the track and familiarize themselves with the fastest line choices. However, when racing in sand, the track takes on a personality of its own, morphing into something entirely different each and every lap. For the majority of riders in the 450 class, they found their best time to be in the first practice at “The Wick”. The #606 of Ronnie Stewart qualified in 21st with a time of 2:11.718, just 7.247 seconds behind the fastest qualifying time laid down by Eli Tomac. Not only does the sand create a challenge for the riders and mechanics, but also the elements were a force to be reckoned with as well – with temperatures soaring and humidity levels high, proper hydration also became an increasingly important factor in athlete performance. Stewart would go on to finish Moto 1 in 33rd and Moto 2 in 15th for 19th overall.

“Southwick was a personal victory for me. Since I’ve been a professional, the sands of Southwick (even though I like the sand) have been my kryptonite. It was last year (2016) that I made my first set of motos (at Southwick) through the LCQ. This time, I qualified through timed practice in 21st and then logged a sweet 15th place finish in Moto 2 for 19th overall! I’m super thankful for our awesome sponsors for the opportunity to go back to Southwick and to take away some points! MX338 is no longer my worst track!” stated Stewart. Not only was Ronnie able to log some points at “The Wick”, but his 15th place finish in Moto 2 is also his season-best finish! To not only face one’s “kryptonite”, but also defeat it by earning a season-best finish is nothing short of impressive and something we are incredibly proud of Ronnie for accomplishing. Continuing to show up and put forth our best effort is a constant goal of MicroBilt PRBC Yoshimura Racing and the results show that the effort is paying off.

MicroBilt’s outstanding support of our racing efforts is paramount to the success of the team. We greatly value an opportunity to provide a world-class Pro Motocross experience to our special guests and to the many clients that do business with MicroBilt. The symbiotic relationship between MicroBilt, MicroBilt PRBC Yoshimura Suzuki Racing, and the many VIP MicroBilt clients and guests is key to the further growth of our team and to the sport.

This next week is a week off from racing, where the team will focus on recovery and being prepared for Round 8 of racing at Spring Creek in Millville, Minnesota. Team rider, Cheyenne Harmon is still recovering from his broken rib and fractured scaphoid in his left hand that were sustained during a practice crash during Round 4 at High Point, but the road to recovery is looking promising. His cast was removed on Monday, July 10, 2017 and now Cheyenne will focus on physical therapy and rehab of his left hand and wrist in order to return to racing as soon as possible.

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