KENNESAW, GA., June 3, 2017 / Round Three of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross started our journey east with a stop in Lakewood, CO at Thunder Valley MX Park. Nestled just east of the sprawling Rocky Mountains, Lakewood still boasts an elevation of 5,518 feet above sea level. Each track on the circuit presents a unique challenge to the riders brave enough to line up at Thunder Valley, higher elevations definitely come in at the top of the list for toughest challenges faced on race day. Racing at altitude makes the air thinner, which results in less oxygen, making it tougher for even the most physically tuned athletes to perform at their highest ability. The altitude also presents a unique racing situation where it actually significantly diminishes the power available in the bikes, making them run slower, even though riders are still racing them at 100% effort. MicroBilt PRBC Yoshimura Suzuki Racing continues to show up, line up, and put forth 100% effort – we are proud of the work and results that both Ronnie Stewart and Cheyenne Harmon are producing for the team.

It is challenging for riders from all teams to make the abrupt transition from Monster Energy Supercross to Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, especially with only a week in between seasons to prepare for the next circuit of racing. As we moved from mostly indoor arenas in temperature-controlled settings, we now race outdoors, battling the elements of spring and summer weather. And this week in Colorado, the team also had to combat the extreme change in elevation. Ronnie Stewart and Cheyenne Harmon faced those challenges by producing their season-best finishes.

Just one week after qualifying for his first-ever Pro Motocross National, the #645 of Cheyenne Harmon once again earned himself a spot in the 40-man lineup. This week, however, he definitely earned his gate pick the hard way. After qualifying in 40th place, Cheyenne would have to take a trip to the dreaded 450 Consolation race, where he started in almost 12th place. With 30 riders fighting for only 4 remaining gate picks, it’s a no holds barred, all-out brawl racing for those final transfer positions. Cheyenne fought hard for a comeback of the century, fighting from almost mid-pack to a third place finish in the Consolation Race, qualifying himself for his second Pro Motocross National in a row.

The real test would come when the gate dropped on the two 30-minute + 2 lap motos that would be raced in the thin Colorado air. Luckily, however, the weather was as Goldilocks would put it, “Not too hot, not too cold, but just right”, making it one less challenge standing between Stewart, Harmon, and the checkered flag. In Moto 1, the #606 of Stewart would finish in 17th place with the #645 of Harmon finishing in 39th. By the time the gate dropped for the 450 Class in Moto 2, the track had evolved into a monster of extreme ruggedness paired with some of the deepest ruts we’ve seen thus far in the series. Where usually riders find themselves dragging their footpegs through a turn, now we saw them dragging footpegs, grips, and practically rear number plates as nearly half of their bikes were engulfed by the treacherous terrain. Stewart crossed the finish line in 22nd place and Harmon finished in 30th, matching his season-best moto finish. Ronnie Stewart departed Colorado in 20th place overall, earning 4 additional points, and Cheyenne Harmon finished in 36th place overall. This marks for a season-best finish for both of the MicroBilt PRBC Yoshimura Suzuki Racing riders!

Next weekend is a weekend off from racing, but that won’t stop MicroBilt PRBC Yoshimura Suzuki Racing from putting in the work to be prepared for when racing returns at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, PA for Round Four of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

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